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First time in the history of FOREX AUTO TRADING
A ROBOT which is just to multiply your money. Why?
Because :

  • it is an yield of 10 years of intensive research of our team which is expertise in forex trading

  • It contains 15 technical indicators

  • This EA automatically optimize its trade logic. So it can adapt any market condition.

  • It contains a comprehensive mathematical formula that take care of the signals of every trade done by ForexAugmenter EA

  • ForexAugmenter Robot is NFA compliant

  • It is a real Profit Generator EA

  • You can set Risk Percentage so that your account remains always safe

  • ForexAugmenter EA is fully automated so no need of any human intervention. It can automatically calculate lots size depending upon the risk percentage, you may setup fixed Lot Size also

  • Only best trades are carried out

Visit following verifed performance:

Verified ForexAugmenter performance on current running LIVE trading account

If you get frustrated with the Forex market;
ForexAugmenter is just for you
It will provide you assured profit and
Infact it will AUGMENT your trading account as well as your trust in the market

  • ForexAugmenter works on MT4 platform

  • You may trade at any time frame but recommended time frame is M1 (Minute 1)

  • Recommended currency pair is EURUSD

  • This EA is most suitable for all traders.

  • You don't need to have any expertise

  • You just have to set it on your MT4 terminal and ForexAugmenter will start working like a PRO on your Trading account

  • Just see the following real money account, that how it will trade and grow your real account.

Installation of ForexAugmenter is very easy and will take less than a minute.

Don't Forget "TIME IS MONEY"

Order ForexAugmenter EA now


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